Trinity Anglican Church

Temperance & Main Streets
Waterford, Ontario

Sunday Service 11 a.m.

From the time of the first settlement of Waterford in 1793, there were always a few members of the Church of England.   In early days they were served by itinerant missionaries from Quebec and later by rectors from Woodhouse and Delhi.

The first chapel was built in 1818 by Job Loder, a local merchant. One day he had his invalided wife carried from her bedroom to the family dinner table. A storm came up and lightning hit the building in which was stored a quantity of gunpowder.   The explosion demolished the bedroom and blew off the roof.   As a thank offering for the deliverance of his wife, Job Loder donated an acre of land and a building for the use of the Church of England and other denominations, provided they help maintain it.

Records are sketchy but it is reported that one chapel blew down in a storm.

The small congregation then met in a brick building at West and Church Streets.   When repairs were needed for this building, it was decided to reclaim and build on the original land at the top of the hill.   This had been the site of a cemetery for a number of years and it was necessary to remove the bodies to Greenwood Cemetery, one headstone remains to this day.

The fine building then referred to as "The Cathedral of Western Ontario" was erected in 1909 and by 1917, was consecrated debt-free.   The cost was $11,000.

During the late 60's and 70's, memorial gifts were dedicated to beautify the church.   The Robinson family gave many fine stained glass windows and the lectern, and the Motts gave the beautiful altar.

In the late 70's, a severe winter wind shifted the roof from its supports and extensive repairs were necessary.   During this period, the congregation worshipped in the United Church.

In the late 80's, the rectory which had been left to the church, was deemed inefficient, needing extensive renovations, so this building was sold and a new rectory was built on land owned by the church on Sylvia St.

Trinity Church has had a long life always sustained by a caring and worshipful congregation.

Trinity Church is in the Deanery of Brant/Norfolk in the Diocese of Huron.

Trinity Church had been part of a 2 point parish with

All Saints' Church
688 Mount Pleasant Road
Mount Pleasant, Ontario

In August 2010, All Saints realigned with St John's, Brantford.

Rev. Darlene Cunliffe had been Priest in Charge of the parish until 15 October 2009 when she became Incumbent to the Parish of Combermere, Diocese of Ottawa.   Previously she was Assistant Curate
St. John the Evangelist, Kitchener, Ontario.
Diocese of Huron
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