Saint Patrick's Anglican Church, Saintsbury, Ontario

St. Patrick's Church, Saintsbury, Ontario was deconsecrated at the end of 2008.   Now most of the congregation worships at Trivitt Memorial Church, Exeter, Ontario, below right.

The St. Patrick's building is situated on half an acre of land one-quarter mile west of Saintsbury Line on Mount Carmel Drive the most southern part of Perth County.

John and Margaret Smyth donated the land to the Diocese of Huron in 1860 for erecting a church.   Mr. Smyth is buried on the property and a plaque to his memory is displayed in the church.

In 1861, a log church was built and opened for worship, replaced by the present building in 1893.   The pioneers from the community hauled brick for the church by teams of horses and wagons from the brickyard in Crediton.

In 1909, a Parish Hall was built and named the 'Racey Memorial Hall' in recognition of Rev. C. L. Racey.   The construction was under the direction of Edgar B. Smyth the grandson of the original land donor.

This web site is to recognize the long and faithful ministry of the people of Saint Patrick's Saintsbury.   May its history of faithfulness always be remembered.

Saint Patrick's Saintsbury
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