Founding of Newbury, Ontario

Newbury, Ontario LibraryThe opening of a railway station near here in 1854 on the recently completed Great Western main line from Niagara Falls to Windsor provided the nucleus around which a community was soon established.   In that year John Tucker and Robert Thompson registered subdivisions and a post office named "Newbury" was opened.  The community flourished and by 1857, with a population of almost 500, it contained hotels, stores, sawmills, a gristmill, a foundry and several other small industries.   The development of lumbering stimulated the growth of Newbury which by a county by-law of June 7, 1872, was incorporated as a village with a population of about 800.   The first council was elected in January, 1873.

Founding of Newbury Ontario plaque erected at the Public Library, 48 Hagerty Rd. Newbury by the Archaelogical and Historic Sites Board, Archives of Ontario.

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