St James Anglican, Parkhill, Ontario

St James Anglican Church

Box 481   Parkhill, Ontario   NOM 2KO


Parkhill is located northwest of London, Ontario. Regular Anglican services began in 1869 conducted by a theological student in a wooden structure The present building was erected in 1874 using local yellow brick. During its construction, a violent windstorm arose and carried away the roof-rafters.

The Parish Hall and the bell-tower were built around 1914. On Sunday Dec 29th 1914, Rt. Rev. David Williams, 4th Bishop of Huron was present at St James Church and dedicated the Tower and Bell, the Parish Hall, the pulpit, Lectern, the choir stalls which had been made and installed by the rector, the Rev. C. M. Farney, and the beautiful, large window at the back of the Church, depicting St Peter holding the keys to the kingdom, a gift from the Guild, the Sunday School, and the A.Y.P.A.


St James Anglican Church is one of the very few churches to retain all the original brass-work and stained glass windows from this period. When it was decided to install electricity, this task was passed to the Ladies Guild, which was formed around 1900. They continue today to be a strong presence in the spiritual and financial well-being of the church.

Many of the present congregation are second and third generation stewards, and tend to retain their service roles in the church for a number of decades. The spirit of faithfulness that was present in those who were the first members has continued unto the present time. The prosperity of the church has followed very closely to that of Parkhill and the surrounding area. There are currently 100 families on the mailing list, but only 50 families take church envelopes.

We have a growing Sunday School. Although we are a small church, we support a number of outreach programs: the local food bank, the Primates Hunger Fund, St. Monica House, Kitchener, and Sleeping Children Around The World.

A large number of bales containing good warm washable clothing are sent to the northern parishes each May, a practice that originated decades ago with the old Missionary Society. We also supply cookies and treats to the local nursing homes as well as visits and spiritual services. Our Sunday service is at 9:30 a.m. and all are welcome. The second Sunday of each month is Friendship Sunday when coffee and muffins are served after the service.


Comemorative Plaque located at the Municipal Offices, 229 Main St., Parkhill, Ontario

THE FOUNDING OF PARKHILL. The opening of a railway station near here in 1860 on the recently completed Grand Trunk line from Guelph to Sarnia provided the nucleus around which a community soon became established. A post-office named Westwood (renamed Swainby in 1861 and Park Hill in 1863) was opened that year. In 1861 a village plot was laid out by William Kelly. Growth was slow until 1865 when a bonus subscribed by the citizens induced John Harrison to build a steam-powered grist-mill. Other industries, including a brickyard and a foundry, soon followed, and by 1891 Parkhill was a thriving community of about 1500 people. It became an incorporated village on January 1, 1872, and a town fourteen years later.


The Parish was a two point charge with St. Mary's, Brinsley (right). St Mary's closed in June 2012 and de-consecrated at a 25 Sept. 2012 service with Bishop Terry Dance officiating. In 2013, St. James, Parkhill aligned with St. John the Evangelist, Strathroy with St. Ann's, Adelaide for the purposes of sharing priestly ministry. March 1, 2013, Rev. Karen Nelles was appointed rector of the combined Parish.

St. Mary's Anglican, Brinsley, Ontario
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