Christ Anglican Church, Newbury, Ontario

is located in a village that is 10 minutes outside of Glencoe, Ontario 40-minute drive from Chatham and 50 minutes from London.   The village of Newbury is a community of approximately 400 people with thriving local businesses for a village of its size.

The key family that keeps this town well provided for in the area of supplies, cars, food and electronics is the McNaughton family. This extended family owns and operates McNaughton Home Hardware, McNaughton’s Family Shopping Centre, McNaughton’s M&M Meats and the McNaughton’s Dodge Chrysler Dealership. Due to the nature of these businesses, the town is a centre, which draws residents from the area for shopping and socializing.

The village also has three churches, Anglican, United, and Congregationalist, along with a small grocery store and a coffee shop.   The local hospital is located on the edge of Newbury and services the local residents from Newbury, Glencoe, Wardsville, Ridgetown and beyond. The hospital is a major employer along with the businesses listed above.

Christ Church holds Sunday services weekly with an attendance of between 12 to 18 people.   The active membership of this church is larger than the Sunday average implies.   The Christmas Eve service in particular is a big hit in the area.   Sunday worship has a pattern of the first Sunday of each month as Book of Common Prayer Eucharist and the other three Sunday services in the month are Book of Alternative Services Eucharist.   The new Book of Common Praise is the music resource used for hymns.

There is a small but strong Anglican Church Women group who host several community gatherings throughout the year including a Spring Dinner, a Turkey Dinner in the fall and a bake sale in the winter.   Members of the community along with church members co-operate in these efforts to support the church socially and financially.

Christ Church has a membership that is faithful and able to pull together when the need arises.   They are a caring community who spends time volunteering at a variety of organizations beyond the church such as the hospital, the Legion and the local schools.

Christ Church is part of a 3-point parish with St John's, Glencoe and St Judes, Mount Brydges.   On 30 November 2009, the Rev'd Kim Metelka, was ordained to the priesthood and appointed rector. She had been Deacon-in-Charge since 1 October 2009. Prior to that she had been deacon assistant at Christ Church, Petrolia and St. John's, Wyoming.

Christ Anglican Church, Newbury, Ontario

St John's Anglican, Glencoe
St John's, Glencoe, Ontario
and Christ Church have been joined together since 1926.

Newbury and Glencoe congregations had previously been aligned from before 1863, when Christ Church was built, until 1892 when the current St John's building was constructed.

Founding of Newbury, Ontario

St Judes Anglican, Mount Brydges
St Judes, Mount Brydges
joined the Parish of Glencoe and Newbury in 2001.

For 100 years from the time of the first Church of England travelling missionary in 1845, Newbury was aligned with St. James', Wardsville. In 1949, the Wardsville church was closed after being declared unsafe after road building had affected the foundation.


Christ Church is in
the Delaware Deanery of the
Diocese of Huron

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